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Tips for Jenos vs Skye

Jenos' Void Grip can detect stealth. Even if the enemy Skye/Strix/Sha Lin Disappears S/he can still be void gripped since its basically auto aim. Use this when they try to disappear and Run away
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago

Tips for Skye vs Jenos

This matchup is one of the harder ones for Skye. Try to move in after Jenos uses Void Grip. Skye's strength is mobility, and Void Grip takes that strength away from her (Albeit temporarily).
Submitted by main135s 6 years ago
Jenos should be higher in weakness list his relativity ability with his atral mark at max can out heal skye's base damage (unless she poison darts you then your screwed), and his void ability destroys her mobility allowing people to hit her.
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 4 years ago