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Bait Torvalt into using his Recharge by activating your shield, deactivate your shield and hook him, it will stop his recharge and not reset his cool down, leaving him open to damage for a long period of time.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago
Grab him through reversal, a good player might neatherstep afterwards so be careful to hit that next shot.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago
Go for his todems first.1 cannon ball is not gonna kill him if he is low and has a todem up, considering he can ghost and still get heals from the todem you didnt kill. After the todem, damage him, wait for his ghost and hook him after for the kill.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago
Hook her when she tries to teleport, it will stop it from working and wount reset her cooldown for it ensuring a kill.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago