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Tips for Makoa vs Grohk

Go for his todems first.1 cannon ball is not gonna kill him if he is low and has a todem up, considering he can ghost and still get heals from the todem you didnt kill. After the todem, damage him, wait for his ghost and hook him after for the kill.
Submitted by Fenix 6 years ago
If "DD" on your team too busy for destroying Grohk’s totem. Consider buying Bulldozer With Rank 1 you can one-shot his default totem(900HP) If he is using "Monolith Totem"(HPbuff), you must buy rank 2 in order to one-shot his totem.
Submitted by Vortexabyss 6 years ago

Tips for Grohk vs Makoa

When pulled by Makoa, use your Ghost Walk to avoid further damage and enjoy an easy escape
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 6 years ago
Use "Totemic Ward" legendary to deny Makoa’s "Dredge Anchor". CC immunity on your team protects from "hook & kill" combo ("Pluck"legendary).
Submitted by Vortexabyss 6 years ago