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Damage her, wait for her to Dimensional Link. Ying players will usually use her escape ability more than 1ce to get away, wait for her to come back and then hook her, by this time her Link cooldown should set in leaving her open to damage.
Submitted by Fenix 3 years ago
Walk through his shield, hook him closer to your teammates. In a 1v1 watch out for his turrets, try to stay out of their fire angles and you will out-dps him then with the help of your shell heal card and extra hooks.
Submitted by Fenix 3 years ago
Not much to say here, Buck has a huge hitbox so he is easy to hook, his attacks are pretty weak as well so if you hook him between you and your friends he is cannon fodder. Take Cauterize to absolutely crush his dreams.
Submitted by Fenix 3 years ago
Get in close quarters in rooms or tunnels to nullify her escape ability, hook her and body block the doors. Dont engage at range, she will keep you away with her knockback and out-DPS you.
Submitted by Fenix 3 years ago