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Tips for Moji - How to play best against him in general



General vs Moji
Do not shoot Moji when she is using her Magic Barrier. If you did, retreat because you are less likely to win the 1v1 fight with the Moji as she has higher DPS and burst damage.
Submitted by ReeeeeeLemon 1 year ago
General vs Moji
Moji deals pitiful damage at long range but she poses a much bigger threat at close range. Keep your distance when confronting her.
Submitted by TwoDollarHoe 1 year ago
General vs Moji
In close range, depending on their timing of popping their Magic Marks on you, Moji can deal up to 1000 damage per second. Never give her a chance to flank and make sure to focus her down after she pops her Magic Barrier and scampers away.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 7 months ago
General vs Moji
Use toot as Moji even after it's nerf it is her best talent no mater how you play, due to her massive hit box and limited mobility compared to others of her class she needs the reliable self sustain it provides, and it can help your team in a pinch.
Submitted by jeveasy 9 months ago