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Challenging Inara is unlikely to end in victory since you're a flank. Warder's Field will shut you down instantly. However, Inara is a high priority target for your Ult. Just make sure the area around her is moderately safe before landing the treat.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 4 weeks ago
There isn't much you can do against her ult, but if you get hit by dead zone, Magic Barrier will cleanse the effects instantly. Since most Willo's run Nightshade, re--position out of dead zone and make use of Toot and cancel scamper against a wall.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 3 weeks ago
Ash aint safe from your ult during hers, so if you see an Ash ulting on the point for the sake of touching, use your ult to prevent the team from regrouping fast and deny any potential pushes.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 3 weeks ago
It's tempting to rush a Grover, but unless isolated, he can sustain long enough to survive the fight. Be sure to close the distance between Grover, but prioritizing cauterize will finish the exchange much faster.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 4 weeks ago