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Tips for Io - How to play best against him in general



General vs Io
Bulldozer will be your best friend. Anything that cripples as she get low on HP is almost necessary. CC reduction is also gonna be a big difference. Take out her foxes first enemies second, her healing is very solid so focus on her not the tank.
Submitted by GaspingKing 1 year ago
General vs Io
If you find IO while Luna is still active, instead of targeting Luna to get her down go for IO. When she dies, her fox dies. This is similar to Barik with his deployable and Inara with warder's field. They all are removed from the field after death
Submitted by r1v3rl1ght 1 year ago
General vs Io
no champ can defeat Io with luna
Submitted by TheShatteredGoddess 1 year ago