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Koga can avoid Luna's stun so your best tool to handle him is to use Luna's large hitbox and healthpool to face tank his fire while taking chances to fire at him.
Submitted by SergeantStars 1 month ago
General vs Io
most champions will have a hard time dealing with Io and Luna together, so don't engage them together instead try to single out Luna while Io isn't around, so when it comes time to kill Io she can't stun you or body block with Luna.
Submitted by SergeantStars 1 month ago
Moving Luna around is your best bet to deal with a Dredge. as for directly combatting him, your ult can save you from his ult if you have no way to leave it's AoE
Submitted by SergeantStars 1 month ago
Vora struggles to out dps Io's healing if she runs Life Link and/or restored faith, and is hiding around Luna which may allow Io or her team a time to kill you, to counter this attacking Io when Luna isn't around or killing Luna will work.
Submitted by SergeantStars 1 month ago