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Tips for Evie - How to play best against him in general



General vs Evie
Direct hits of her ice projectiles do the most damage. Avoid them and go on mid or long range!
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 4 years ago
General vs Evie
When she blinks above you, instantly use your escape ability to deny her hitting her shot before she blinks back.
Submitted by Stylence 4 years ago
General vs Evie
If an Evie is coming after you solo, gather around with enemies to avoid being out-flanked. Also, expect an Evie after ice-block to teleport immediately.
Submitted by cinderdarling 4 years ago
General vs Evie
If Evie uses Wormhole, try to pick up on any trends. Does she always warp back? Does she warp after using Soar? Does she like to warp up in the air? Use this information to predict her movements and take her down.
Submitted by ObamaExperience 2 years ago
General vs Evie
You must be unpredictable; and accurate with ice staff. You need to always be doing something with her. Looking around for enemies and just be a complete nuisance.She takes time, practice, and patience to play her well. High skill, High reward!
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 2 years ago