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Tips for Androxus - How to play best against him in general



General vs Androxus
Andros will typically be using a load out with the card Abyss Walker which basically heals andro whenever he uses nether step this means that Cauterize is good against andro. If you play against a team with andro and a healer caut is a good pick
Submitted by BBNerdPi 5 years ago
General vs Androxus
While Androxus is channeling Reversal, take the time to reload your weapon, switch targets for a moment, or escape if needed, as it's detrimental to you to attack him during this time.
Submitted by DefenderHero 4 years ago
General vs Androxus
Do not use your Nether Step when you know you are near flank targets, as the ability is quite loud.
Submitted by Cookiedwag34v2 5 years ago
General vs Androxus
Try to make him waste his ammo, catching him on an empty mag is like catching him with his pants down. Try to make him panic and use reversal leaving him vulnerable. Don't track him through his dash place your crosshairs at the destination.
Submitted by Maximusprime 4 years ago
General vs Androxus
When an Androxus activates Reversal and you have fired to much already, dodging around makes you a much harder target to hit. Also, if you want to deal damage, and you have an AoE attack ability, aim slightly in front or to the side to hit him.
Submitted by CounterFite318 5 years ago