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General vs Strix
Buy haven, even that 7% reduction on all shots may mean that strix must take 3 shots at you instead of 2. This is massive since you have way more time to attack him. Buy nimble since it increases your movement speed making it easier to strafe.
Submitted by Maximusprime 3 years ago
General vs Androxus
Try to make him waste his ammo, catching him on an empty mag is like catching him with his pants down. Try to make him panic and use reversal leaving him vulnerable. Don't track him through his dash place your crosshairs at the destination.
Submitted by Maximusprime 3 years ago
General vs Jenos
Jenos is very flexible and can fill in many roles (except frontline) with any loadout. Try to find his play style and adapt accordingly.flanking? Group up. Damage? Flank him in a group. Healer? Cauterise.
Submitted by Maximusprime 3 years ago
General vs Androxus
Strafe around unpredictability. Makes you much harder to aim at. Create angles with team mates so he can't hide behind cover to stop all damage. Don't try to 1v1.
Submitted by Maximusprime 3 years ago