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Tips for Viktor vs Evie

No tips were written yet for this matchup

Tips for Evie vs Viktor

Victor can easily waste Evie in mere nano-seconds. Never engage Victor head on, try to get first shot on Victor (above or from behind) before he sees you. Expect him to hustle, immediately, after taking damage.
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 4 years ago
I honestly think this is a skill match-up. Evie has a lot of mobility and deals high damage, but Viktor deals a bit more and has Hustle to escape if needed. It basically depends on who lands the first shot and surprises the other one.
Submitted by TWELit 5 years ago
What I meant to say was this matchup is even. Compare the fire rates on their weapons. Evie wins only if she catches Victor off guard and lands the first shot. Victor is guaranteed to make Evie waste Ice Block. Just keep shooting at her.
Submitted by YoungPablo_ 6 years ago