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Androxus loses because Zhin's kit is just slightly better. You can't miss a shot or you will die in most 1v1 situations. Even if Zhin loses the 1v1 somehow, he could just retreat to his team with Billow. Save your reversal as a last resort.
Submitted by YoungPablo_ 6 years ago
What I meant to say was this matchup is even. Compare the fire rates on their weapons. Evie wins only if she catches Victor off guard and lands the first shot. Victor is guaranteed to make Evie waste Ice Block. Just keep shooting at her.
Submitted by YoungPablo_ 6 years ago
I ageee & disagree. In a 1v1, Evie loses because Victor does stupid damage for no reason, and her fire rate can't complain
Submitted by YoungPablo_ 6 years ago