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Tips for Torvald vs Fernando

You can leech off of his shield similar to Barik's barricade. Let your team know that you can and maybe they'll do their best to let you take care of it. Be careful more experienced players will catch on quickly and attack you during recharge.
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 5 years ago
Because Torvald can no longer drain shields your ability to specifically counter him has been significantly decreased. However, you have Nullify on your side, as well as a decent DPS - don't hesitate to fight fire with fire and get into close combat.
Submitted by WildCharger 5 years ago

Tips for Fernando vs Torvald

Force Torvald to use his Recharge ability, before you pull out your Energy Shield. If you pull it before he uses his ability, he might sustain on the point longer and your shield will be severely crippled.
Submitted by TheMikirog 5 years ago
Only ingage him when he's low. He can disarm you and make you an easy prey for his damage dealers. He also make your shield useless so you can't use your regeneration card. Try to simply avoid him and focus on the backlines.Hes slow and hasnomobility
Submitted by TordellinodellaCoop 5 years ago