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Tips for Makoa vs Pip

Pick your hooks well, due to his jump and heals youre best off waiting for your team to help you out with taking him down or when youre sure your hook + next shot will kill him, instead of hooking him just to see him escape again.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago

Tips for Pip vs Makoa

"You challenge Makoa?" Yes! If you have your ultimate up you can turn that rampaging Turtle into a very shiny, very angry Chicken. Just make sure he isn't using Leviathan.
Submitted by ZornieKins 6 years ago
Use your ultimate ability when Makoa has done it as well! You can just make the enemy tank die and waste his ultimate ability.
Submitted by Guslik 7 years ago
Pip can deal a lot of damage, he can slow Makoa as well. Just jump around and dont let him hook you!
Submitted by AndrissHUN 6 years ago