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Flying Lizards got you down? No worries! If He flies next to a wall hit Him with a slow shot. It should make Drogoz fall due to the drop in speed. Try to bait out a Salvo and Weightless out of the way. Making Him waste an ability and need to reload.
Submitted by ZornieKins 5 years ago
"Gaze into the Abyss?" Not if you're using Acrobatics! Once you see that red popup on the side of your screen get ready to use Weightless. As soon as you get turned to face Her ult jump out and be prepared to heal any teammates that got sucked in.
Submitted by ZornieKins 5 years ago
"You challenge Makoa?" Yes! If you have your ultimate up you can turn that rampaging Turtle into a very shiny, very angry Chicken. Just make sure he isn't using Leviathan.
Submitted by ZornieKins 5 years ago
If you've ever been "Revealed" then watch your back, and make sure you have weightless ready and a place to escape to. Lex isn't mobile and won't be able to give chase very easily, but he can track you with his alt fire. Face a wall for higher jumps!
Submitted by ZornieKins 5 years ago