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Tips for Khan vs Ash

When u hear the Kinetic Burst sound or see the animation, use your shield to tank the next hit. For her dash use Commander's Grab, that has a bigger hitbox, in the direction she is looking. And when she ults, use your ultimate to take her out.
Submitted by ChaVyee 4 years ago

Tips for Ash vs Khan

Never, NEVER ult first. Save it for when he innevitably grabs you and tosses you off the map. When he does, spam your ult button - it will stop your momentum the moment he lets go, and bring you back to safety.
Submitted by Devcon 4 years ago
Never be the first one to press F in this matchup and keep your distance until he utilizes his. Shoulderbash damages him through his shield. Try not to ult before him and if you do put your shield up immediately in his direction. Godspeed.
Submitted by RyevAlki 4 years ago