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Battering Ram. Engage with shoulderbash or wait until her Q is down to slap her with it. Poor mobility means you can knock her into corners to finish her off. *Do not ult before her or in her presence.*
Submitted by RyevAlki 4 years ago
Never be the first one to press F in this matchup and keep your distance until he utilizes his. Shoulderbash damages him through his shield. Try not to ult before him and if you do put your shield up immediately in his direction. Godspeed.
Submitted by RyevAlki 4 years ago
Battering Ram. Engage with a kinetic burst loaded up so he won't be able to use his F immediately. Keep an eye when he teleports away, if its close enough re-engage with Shoulderbash and finish him off.
Submitted by RyevAlki 4 years ago
Utilize her deployables to your advantage by running Brawl in your loadout. If she is running Treacherous, never use Shoulderbash before she deploys Warder's Field. Focus on killing her healer for an easier matchup.
Submitted by RyevAlki 4 years ago