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Tips for Androxus vs Makoa

Makoa's Dredge anchor will ignore Reversal entirely so you cannot rely on it. You can, however, hide behind walls and geometry and peek to perform one shot at a time, forcing Makoa to eventually retreat due to poke damage.
Submitted by warriorman222 7 years ago
Makoa's shield also cover the upper area, making it hard for Androxus to land his Ultimate without being blocked my Makoa.
Submitted by AaoronEdge 7 years ago
Keep an eye on whether or not Androxus is using the Dark Stalker legendary card. If not and you know Nether Step is on cooldown, Makoa can use Dredge Anchor and Androxus will not be able to Nether Step away.
Submitted by Ironmonger42 7 years ago

Tips for Makoa vs Androxus

Your hook goes straight through Androxus' Reversal, making it a hard counter!
Submitted by RinTheHateful 6 years ago
Grab him through reversal, a good player might neatherstep afterwards so be careful to hit that next shot.
Submitted by Fenix 7 years ago