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If you're using Incitement IV, Ruckus is just a sitting duck for your Dodge Roll reset, especially if he's distracted by your teammates. He's easy to hit, you're not.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 6 years ago
Be extremely careful with your positioning! Grover has very good anti-sniper capabilities. You don't want him to notice you first. Remember about stealth, move and look around often to avoid a nasty suprise which is an axe hurled from across the map.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 6 years ago
General vs Fernando
No matter if enemy Fernando is an Aggressive Nando or a Defensive Nando, even one good Wrecker dealer can easily disrupt both of these strategies. You reduce his teamwork, self sustain and disrupt abilities.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 6 years ago
Your hook goes straight through Androxus' Reversal, making it a hard counter!
Submitted by RinTheHateful 5 years ago