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If you're using Incitement IV, Ruckus is just a sitting duck for your Dodge Roll reset, especially if he's distracted by your teammates. He's easy to hit, you're not.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 1 year ago
Be extremely careful with your positioning! Grover has very good anti-sniper capabilities. You don't want him to notice you first. Remember about stealth, move and look around often to avoid a nasty suprise which is an axe hurled from across the map.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 1 year ago
General vs Fernando
No matter if enemy Fernando is an Aggressive Nando or a Defensive Nando, even one good Wrecker dealer can easily disrupt both of these strategies. You reduce his teamwork, self sustain and disrupt abilities.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 1 year ago
General vs Inara
Inara with Treacherous Ground will murder your whole team if you are not careful. She can trap multiple champions, allowing teammates to decimate them, and she can dish out some damage too. Consider taking Bulldozer just to destroy Warder's Field.
Submitted by RinTheHateful 5 months ago