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General vs Grohk
A Grohk with Maelstrom sacrifices healing for large amounts os AoE damage and self-healing, allowing him to solo duos and even trios. Grab Cauterize to shut him down instantly.
Submitted by warriorman222 5 years ago
General vs Viktor
Viktor has no burst damage to finish off wounded enemies nor burst mobility to catch up to fleeing targets. he can output massive damage, but will struggle to get kills the moment a target hides behind a wall.
Submitted by warriorman222 5 years ago
- Bomb King is not hard to hit. Any strafing side-to side will amount to nothing due to his general ... fatness? Width? Try and aim left and right, rather than up and down like most humanoids.
Submitted by warriorman222 5 years ago
General vs Pip
Pip struggles to hit enemies with high ground; it may even be harder than hitting Drogoz out of the air. Always keep the height advantage over him to force him to decide between AoE or a potential miss.
Submitted by warriorman222 5 years ago