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General vs Fernando
Smart Fernandoes tend to mostly dive the enmy backline to distract and disrupt. When he dives th backline, this is your best opportunity to go for his backline and kill off his heavy damage dealers, especially while he regens with Last Stand.
Submitted by warriorman222 6 years ago
General vs Lian
Lian, contrary to most damage dealers, is food for most tanks. An aggressive tank like Fernando or Ash essentially have her on a guaranteed death timer the moment they press F, and defensive tanks like Barik and Ruckus outdps and destroy her.
Submitted by warriorman222 6 years ago
General vs Makoa
Makoa's hook has a misleading left hitbox, so aiming slightly to the right will ensure a hook. Try moving to the left or keeping a wall to the right to make it harder for him to land a hook.
Submitted by warriorman222 7 years ago
General vs Barik
Tinkerin' Barik has range slightly beyond the level of Viktor. Don't even bother 1v1ing him if he even has 1 turret up, as he then requires multiple people focus firing him to bring him down.
Submitted by warriorman222 6 years ago