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Stay far away from him as upclose he will wreck you, keep your distance from lex to avoid him detecting you and ruin your escape. (picking movement speed to do so is a good choice)
Submitted by ploop 6 years ago
When you want to engage Tyra, be sure to attackher on the back and become invisible again juste after your first damage in order to avoid being marked, this strategy is risky but often pays off.
Submitted by ploop 6 years ago
When facing Skye be sure to always have a mine near you in order to slow her and allow you to escape, also from longrange you can easily disable her with your damage by using the card which reveal your target for a certain duration in your loadout.
Submitted by ploop 6 years ago
When facing an Evie, dark stalker might be a good choice in order to pursue her.
Submitted by ploop 6 years ago