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Check the ability. If its exermination, go in mobile form when ever shes closeby, Furia will usually try to hit you with the solar beam the same time you change forms so you can avoid it in time. bait it out.
Submitted by ShishiMeow 1 year ago
If Tyra has burn monster, ask your team to kill her first if its possible in any way. Other than that stay close to walls to roll behind if she ults and make sure she has no fire bomb in store while youre planted and on formchange cooldown.
Submitted by ShishiMeow 1 year ago
- Buy Blast Shields - Approach him with the acid and play offensive/flanky, if the rest of his team is occupied - Time your hardening ability when finding yourself in bombs - Take care to not get slowed down by the harpoon in front of enemy team
Submitted by ShishiMeow 1 year ago