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Tips for Yagorath vs Tyra

Try to wait for Tyra to use her Fire Bomb on somebody else. If she is unprotected use Acceleration to get close to her and kill her. She can hardly do anything against you without her Fire Bomb.
Submitted by Zortok 3 years ago
If Tyra has burn monster, ask your team to kill her first if its possible in any way. Other than that stay close to walls to roll behind if she ults and make sure she has no fire bomb in store while youre planted and on formchange cooldown.
Submitted by ShishiMeow 3 years ago
This matchup is extremely difficult, but try to make her waste her fire by going planted, then immediately switching to travel form. (note that you will still take much damage but it won't be an insta kill)
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 3 years ago

Tips for Tyra vs Yagorath

No tips were written yet for this matchup