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easy thing, go chain reaction, wrecker, stick at least 3 bombs per detonation, go Royal Decret 4 or 5, use your grumpy while he's shooting, while he activates Juggernaut, he shouldn't be able to escape, if you can stick more than 3 bombs, better.
Submitted by MegaKun5896 2 years ago
When Jenos catch you with Void Grip, you only need to use your poppy bomb, (for this situations you should go Jolt) then you have to escape as quickly as you can, if he goes The Power of Cosmeum, doesn't matter, you are inmune to Crowd Control.
Submitted by MegaKun5896 2 years ago
easy thing, just go blast shield, resilence, go damage reduction after using soul harvest and ignition, enforcer, when he uses his grumpy, you have to stop shootin to gain movement speed, if you have loww health, use igniton, soul harvest N' enforcer
Submitted by MegaKun5896 2 years ago