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General vs Makoa
A good card to check when there is an enemy Makoa is Barrier Reef (Link to Barrier Reef image + desc: if he is running it at Lv 4 or higher, ignore the shield so that he has to wait longer for his shield.
Submitted by CyberGamer64 8 months ago
There are not a lot of things you can do here. Use walls as cover and wait for a flank to kill Nessa is most likely the best solution Using his shield can block a few shots (You can do this if you are really close to capturing the point etc).
Submitted by CyberGamer64 9 months ago
General vs Barik
Barik's primary shot is joke from far away, use this to your advantage and force the Barik to either stay in place and try to wait for help or go after you. Be ready for both of these options.
Submitted by CyberGamer64 9 months ago
General vs Grover
If a Grover is by himself, this can give any champion with decent mobility a chance to close the distance between them and Grover. The closer you get, the more damage you do and the less damage Grover does. Don’t forget about the vine though!
Submitted by CyberGamer64 8 months ago