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General vs Torvald
Due to a lack of movement options, it is easy to corner a Torvald if they were pushed off the point (e.g Khan's grab, Poppy Bomb etc).
Submitted by CyberGamer64 4 months ago
General vs Barik
If Barik is running One Man's Scrap on a high level try to use CC (To prevent Barik destroying them himself) and avoid the turrets to prevent this form of healing.
Submitted by CyberGamer64 4 months ago
General vs Grover
If a Grover is by himself, this can give any champion with decent mobility a chance to close the distance between them and Grover. The closer you get, the more damage you do and the less damage Grover does. Don’t forget about the vine though!
Submitted by CyberGamer64 3 months ago
Nullify makes BK completely useless. For talents if you know the how good the enemy BK is (from previous matches), BK is the only dmg or your other talents would be useless in the match pick the Direct Current talent to make it harder for BK.
Submitted by CyberGamer64 4 months ago