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General vs Ash
Ash is super annoying to deal with. Her damage output is surprisingly high for a tank, but only at close range(unless they have slug shot). pick her off from a distance if at all possible. if not then wait for backup, you Will need it.
Submitted by PufferfishGod 1 year ago
General vs Strix
Just play Strix, today the day of his release he is overpowered AF, counter for everything.
Submitted by bormen414 2 years ago
General vs Maeve
Maeve is a very good champ but you need to buy the right items: Haven or Blast Shield, Kill to Heal, Chronos, Cauterize are the best items. Only pick Wrecker if the enemy has a Torvald!
Submitted by CreamyPastel 1 year ago
General vs Lex
If your Max HP is 2000 or less, a single shot from Lex will put you within execute range. With a headshot this goes up to 3000HP, and With Death Hastens these numbers become 2800 and 4200 respecticely.
Submitted by warriorman222 3 years ago
dash into the air and the side and float to make it harder for drogoz to hit you.
Submitted by darklord12121 3 years ago