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Tips for Zhin - How to play best against him in general



General vs Zhin
When you see Zhin is an Opponent, Look at his Legendary. If he isn't using Retaliation, Feel free to shoot his counter from a distance as he will only have one block. Never Shoot a Retaliation Zhin though as most Heal from it... A LOT!
Submitted by Toxic-Nightshade 3 years ago
General vs Zhin
Zhin is annoyingly good at surviving fights using Counter and Billow. But keep in mind that while using his abilities he isn't a threat but a DISTRACTION. Just live him be and focus on an other enemy while you waith for his ability to expire
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 3 years ago
General vs Zhin
Keep in mind that jumping does NOT work when you are using 'Billow'.
Submitted by DivineHero 3 years ago