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Tips for the matchup: Pip vs. Drogoz



As Pip can heal the team from afar, you should stay away from the sight of snipers and champions that can fly/float, so staying on top with the help of a good team is really useful.
Submitted by jyukie 6 years ago
Flying Lizards got you down? No worries! If He flies next to a wall hit Him with a slow shot. It should make Drogoz fall due to the drop in speed. Try to bait out a Salvo and Weightless out of the way. Making Him waste an ability and need to reload.
Submitted by ZornieKins 6 years ago
While Drogoz is flying, skirt his attacks with "Weightless". The "Aerobatics" legendary works well here. You can attack him back once he has landed, as he moves very slowly on foot.
Submitted by Tinkernick 7 years ago