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General vs Viktor
Using the right loadout, Viktor can heal himself over time by running away (hustle). Catch him (cauterize recommended) before he can recover.
Submitted by Tinkernick 7 years ago
Your shell shield does not protect you from Viktor's ultimate (barrage)! Use your shell spin to escape.
Submitted by Tinkernick 7 years ago
Escaping Tyra is very difficult, since she can reveal you easily and spray you down. Always have your impaler arrow ready and force her in front of walls. Once she's pinned, she has no ability to escape your rain of arrows (planted).
Submitted by Tinkernick 7 years ago
Grover does not exactly counter Kinessa, but can be very annoying to her by simply throwing axes in her general direction, forcing her to constantly reposition, unable to take proper aim.
Submitted by Tinkernick 7 years ago