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Tips for Lex - How to play best against him in general



General vs Lex
Lex has the loudest footsteps in the game. Turning off music and using good headphones might help you pinpoint his current position if he's behind a wall.
Submitted by TheMikirog 2 years ago
Use Pursuit only when the enemy is low on health since it doesn't do as much damage and if you don't kill them with it you could possibly die,since you are vulnerable and aren't doing as much damage to kill them.
Submitted by Lightheart 2 years ago
General vs Lex
Lex is able to see invisible targets if they are his current bounty. Be sure to stick close to your team if you're revealed while invisible.
Submitted by Guilion 2 years ago
General vs Lex
Against everyone, just keep strafing left and right to avoid damage (especially against hit scan champions). Then aim and shoot them dead. Keep practicing for better aim and feel.
Submitted by Prizm 1 year ago
General vs Lex
When Lex uses his Ultimate, he takes some time. Take advantage of this time and quickly hide behind of a wall.
Submitted by OMFGIDIED 1 year ago