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Tips for the matchup: Kinessa vs. Strix



If you encounter Strix as Kinessa, wait until he comes out of his Stealth and use a card that reveals enemys on hit for about 2 seconds to outplay other snipers.
Submitted by XaDaTV 6 years ago
When Strix goes into stealth, he's fairly loud, allowing you to be able to more accurately predict where they will be. Strix usually hides and peeks to shoot, but shoot once, teleport mid-long range, and he's toast after the second shot.
Submitted by LenLen684 6 years ago
With the proper cards a fully charged shot of Kinessa will reveal any enemy for a brief time. This gives Kinessa the upper hand over Strix. But be careful, You have to land the initial shot first to detect him after he goes to stealth
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
If you're playing against a Strix, your best option is hit 1 fully charged shot before he goes invisible, then remember, Strix is a peeker, he will peek to get his shots while invisible, try to predict when he might peek or where he might be and won
Submitted by rockindaroomjj 6 years ago