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Tips for Bomb King - How to play best against him in general



General vs Bomb King
If you see that your teammates have a sticky bomb on them, you can shoot at it to knock it off of them, potentially saving their life.
Submitted by Cookiedwag34v2 7 years ago
General vs Bomb King
Grumpy bomb is one of the best CCs in the game! Be sure to avoid it
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 7 years ago
General vs Bomb King
Frontliners Tip Use your "CC reduction" card + "Resilience" to deny point pressure from "Grumpy Bomb". BK feels relatively safe you while stunned. "Jumping out" of stun earlier, works like surprise effect & confuses him.
Submitted by Vortexabyss 7 years ago
General vs Bomb King
Due to Bomb King's significant lack of ranged attacks and abilities, any sniper or long range champion like Cassie or Lian can counter him quite easily. Just make sure you block all side routes, because Bomb King can very easily sneak in.
Submitted by CounterFite318 6 years ago
General vs Bomb King
Bomb King is really dangerous on close range. Keep your distance and CC him to take him down. He also has a huge hitbox.
Submitted by Stylence 7 years ago