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Tips for the matchup: Androxus vs. Zhin



I know this one's a bit vague, but it really comes down to your playstyle; skilled Androxus players rely on split-second timing. Try and use this to your advantage; usage of specific parts of your kit at the right times can help you a ton.
Submitted by WildCharger 6 years ago
If an androxus attempts reversal don't go to counter stance instead just wait a small second and then whirl and go behind him. Whirling will surely damage him no matter what and then suddenly being behind will surprise him and allow you to takedown
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
Androxus loses because Zhin's kit is just slightly better. You can't miss a shot or you will die in most 1v1 situations. Even if Zhin loses the 1v1 somehow, he could just retreat to his team with Billow. Save your reversal as a last resort.
Submitted by YoungPablo_ 6 years ago