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Tips for the matchup: Androxus vs. Terminus



Andro is one of the best counter champion to Terminus. You can absorb his ultimate using reversal and fire back for instant kill. Also whenever terminus uses his siphon use dashes to move behind him and shoot him from behind for easy kill.
Submitted by Rambo 3 years ago
When terminus uses his ult to get back alive, use reversal. If you time this ability right, you can fire over 3000 damage towards terminus and let your teammates or yourself finish him off.
Submitted by h0pT0_Gaming 5 years ago
You can reversal his ultimate back at him to deal a lot of damage and then easily headshot him.
Submitted by Adios12 5 years ago
If Terminus uses "Reanimate", you can "Reversal" 3000 free damage back at an enemy. Bonus Points for standing in front of an ally without means of escape or invulnerability when you do this, as you will block their line of sight to the ult damage.
Submitted by Wizard 6 years ago
After Terminus is killed and he has its ultimate charged up , go near him and in most cases he will ult. When he almost finishes , Activate reversal. Aim at him and he will take a lot of damage.
Submitted by FlorinProstu 6 years ago