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If Terminus uses "Reanimate", you can "Reversal" 3000 free damage back at an enemy. Bonus Points for standing in front of an ally without means of escape or invulnerability when you do this, as you will block their line of sight to the ult damage.
Submitted by Wizard 5 years ago
If Skye is still present after she tosses "Timebomb", you can "Reversal" its damage by aiming the "Reversal" channel at Skye herself during the detonation, all dmg will be absorbed and you can then fire 2400 dmg at any target of your choosing.
Submitted by Wizard 5 years ago
General vs Willo
Willo is heavily countered by mid-long range fast projectile and hitscan champions. As Willo in this situation, play carefully by denying line-of-sight of those champions and if you want to trade dmg with them peekshot from cover.
Submitted by Wizard 5 years ago