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Always reach the objective before Terminus and place one turret on the enemy side. This way if terminus stays on the point and uses his siphon your turret will keep doing damage and force Terminus to stop using siphon to destroy turret or move back.
Submitted by Rambo 3 years ago
Andro is one of the best counter champion to Terminus. You can absorb his ultimate using reversal and fire back for instant kill. Also whenever terminus uses his siphon use dashes to move behind him and shoot him from behind for easy kill.
Submitted by Rambo 3 years ago
General vs Moji
Make sure you have scamper available before using Moji's ultimate or else the enemy might escape after you transform them into a treat as without scamper its really hard to finish the treat especially if the enemy is constantly jumping.
Submitted by Rambo 3 years ago