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Tips for Tyra vs Barik

Using the flame bomb when Barik raise his shield is a good way to make him retreat as the flames will go through the shield and damage the enemies who are closed.
Submitted by ploop 4 years ago

Tips for Barik vs Tyra

If Barik is hugging his Turrets, use fire bomb. The turrets cannot be moved once deployed, so he will likely abandon them if fire bomb lands on or near them.
Submitted by Ironmonger42 4 years ago
Tyra can throw her Fire Bomb through Barricade. You can punish an early Barricade this way.
Submitted by Ironmonger42 4 years ago
Try to avoid the fire bombs, as they can do large amounts of damage to your Barricade and your Turrets.
Submitted by Nerdy-Luigi 4 years ago