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You can re-position yourself out of the AoE of Willo's Seedlings using Rocket Boots, though you may end up sacrificing some Turrets and Barricade in the process.
Submitted by Nerdy-Luigi 5 years ago
It can be useful to bait him with your shield, and then use Rocket boots towards cover. Still an extremely difficult match-up, unless you have a DPS that is on-point with taking him out.
Submitted by Nerdy-Luigi 4 years ago
Try to avoid the fire bombs, as they can do large amounts of damage to your Barricade and your Turrets.
Submitted by Nerdy-Luigi 4 years ago
Normally a Drogoz will try to Salvo you as soon as you get to the point. Set up a Barricade to block it out.
Submitted by Nerdy-Luigi 4 years ago