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Tips for Skye vs Maeve

If Meave isn't using Artful Dodger, and you have Surprise Attack, break hidden with Poison Bolts and do your hit her once from behind. Follow that up by using smoke screen to hide yourself and let the damage encourage Maeve to retreat.
Submitted by Toxic-Nightshade 6 years ago
Smoke screen and Hidden counters Maeve ultimate and also works as a disengage tool. If Maeve flanks your backline and you're near, it's an easy kill.
Submitted by max0023 7 years ago

Tips for Maeve vs Skye

Can Take her out fast with a quick left click followed by a pounce... Very satisfying... Code name 1-2 combo, Follow up with a question of "do you want fries with that".
Submitted by AurumOG 6 years ago