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Tips for Maeve vs Torvald

When Torvald ULTs, you can use Pounce to reverse the knockback, saving you from falling into the pit and gain a ridiculous speed needed to get back to safety.
Submitted by TheMikirog 7 years ago
The best way to get Torvald down is the combo between Wrecker and Street Justice. Keep your distance if you know Nullify is up, because Nullify is your ruin. Knock his health down from a distance, rush in, and pounce once hes at/below half health.
Submitted by ReaperSensei 6 years ago

Tips for Torvald vs Maeve

Nullify, nullify, nullify. Bait Maeve into the open, then hit her with the good ol' Nullify beam. More often than not, her Nine Lives will still be on cooldown, and someone else is gonna be there to kill her.
Submitted by WildCharger 6 years ago