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Tips for Maeve vs Inara

Two words. Street Justice. Poke from a distance until you, or someone else can get her around/below half health, and when she's not using earthen guard, pounce.
Submitted by ReaperSensei 7 months ago
Use the Prowl, then double jump, then Pounce facing toward the air to get over Inara’s wall. Then kill her from behind.
Submitted by AntiAlter 10 months ago

Tips for Inara vs Maeve

Get the treacherous ground legendary. Then just hit maeve.
Submitted by Adios12 3 months ago
Maeve isn't actually strong aginst Maeve ,Inara has the slow deployable which slows in a short radius around her. This doesn't always work because it is stupid to verse a inara all by yourself when your maeve.
Submitted by WoWGuyXX 1 year ago