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Tips for Kinessa vs Drogoz

When Drogoz is airborne, try snapping almost directly in an upward direction then snapping to his location horizontally. I do this when playing and seem to easily headshot him mid-air on a regular basis. example:
Submitted by s0lidsneak 6 years ago
Always try to punish Drogoz from taking flight! A flying Drogoz is easier to hit too with your Sniper Rifle.
Submitted by AaoronEdge 7 years ago
You can kill Drogoz even from huge distance because of your direct hit and zoom
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 7 years ago

Tips for Drogoz vs Kinessa

Be careful where you ult when enemy team has Kinessa because she can counter your ult with hers, one hitting you.
Submitted by CareKajze 7 years ago
When at a distance, keep out of Kinessa's line of sight. Her sniper shots can quickly bring you down, and you're likely to be her primary target.
Submitted by Asanthri 6 years ago