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Tips for Grohk vs Inara

her wall is a deployable so using shock pulse on it will damage and slow those around it.
Submitted by Peacefuldeath 6 years ago
Totemic Ward can protect your team grom her Slows, Cripples(If running), amd her ultimate's stun.
Submitted by TheDankestGoomy 6 years ago

Tips for Inara vs Grohk

Make sure either Grohk or his totem is dead before using your ultimate. Give about a second after the totem dies, so that the enemies' CC immunity wears off first. Otherwise, your Ultimate will do nothing when the enemies have CC immunity.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago
With the Treacherous Ground talent, you can prevent Grohk from using his Ghost Walk. With moderate levels of anti-healing, you can potentially kill him even through the healing of his totems.
Submitted by Asanthri 1 year ago