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Tips for Drogoz vs Torvald

When using your ultimate, Torvalds knockback (from his ultimate e.g.) does not affect you
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 7 years ago
Your salvo attack can do 200% extra damage to shields. Use this to take down his shield. Then follow up with 1 or 2 attacks to kill him.
Submitted by PowerCore24 7 years ago
When using spitfire+salvo combo with Drogoz, keep in mind it's NOT necessary to hit the spitfire directly. It will explode also when rocket hits the ground near. Take advantage of this and aim all 6 salvo rockets at your targets to deal more damage.
Submitted by czdraconis 5 years ago

Tips for Torvald vs Drogoz

No tips were written yet for this matchup