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Tips for Bomb King vs Torvald

Torvald is a sitting duck. If he's on the point, either rain down sticky bombs, drop grumpy bomb or poppy bomb him away. He has no movement abilities. As long as you have the high ground, he's toasted.
Submitted by Merovingian 6 years ago
Your bombs deal extra damage against Torvalds shield
Submitted by the PaladinsCounter Team 7 years ago

Tips for Torvald vs Bomb King

Pick Resilience instead of Blast Shields when trying to counter him, as blast Shields won't protect your shield.
Submitted by AsteroidCat 7 years ago
Nullify makes BK completely useless. For talents if you know the how good the enemy BK is (from previous matches), BK is the only dmg or your other talents would be useless in the match pick the Direct Current talent to make it harder for BK.
Submitted by CyberGamer64 5 years ago