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Tips for Bomb King vs Inara

Sticky Bombs removed from champion, if he\she uses movement skill. Inara doesn't have any movement skills. So use "Chain reaction" legendary versus Inara. With good aim you can kill her with 3-5 Sticky Bombs.
Submitted by Vortexabyss 6 years ago

Tips for Inara vs Bomb King

When against a Bomb King, you can use your Impasse (wall) to block BK’s grumpy bomb. You can also take the Mother’s Grace talent to gain cc immunity. Try to save one of these for when Grumpy Bomb is cast.
Submitted by FutLarpChopp 5 years ago
When you place a wall between the Grumpy Bomb and you (and your allies), the bombs stun and damage can be avoided!
Submitted by manniL 6 years ago