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General vs Sha Lin
Try to Avoid his deadly combo which is impale stun and planted by avoid standing near walls or buy resilience if its needed
Submitted by sakha24 3 years ago
General vs Androxus
If you accidentally feeding his reversal,try to create distances as far as possible and try to dodge it by moving and jumping when he shot the reversed damage, since the damage are reversed in projectiles type which make it harder to hit movingtarget
Submitted by sakha24 3 years ago
General vs Jenos
Jenos actually an off combat healer since he can heal through walls and trying to not exposed.try to find Jenos behind a solid cover or at the place where champions can hide safely and then try outflank him
Submitted by sakha24 3 years ago
Use your Retribution to reveal the enemy Androxus(or the other Flank champion),it will be easier to win a 1v1 with reveal advantage,you can also give an information to your team about who lurking behind the backline
Submitted by sakha24 3 years ago